Botrychium jenmanii Underwood

Botrychium jenmanii Underwood #2
Synonym(s):  Botrychium alabamense Maxon 
Common Name(s):  Alabama grapefern
Family Name(s):  Ophioglossaceae

Type:  Terrestrial 
Sterile Frond Division:  3-pinnate 
Sterile Frond Shape:  Fan-shaped, Triangular 
Fertile Frond Shape:  Stalked Structure Bearing Spores 
Sori:  Beadlike 
Growth:  Solitary 

Special Features: The pinnules are fan-shaped. 
Habitat: Pine woods, mixed hardwood-pine woods, ruderal. 

Distribution Map
Alabama grapefern Alabama grapefern Alabama grapefern
Alabama grapefern    
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